Ulrike Lentz

Flutist, State-certified music teacher for flute,

Deep Listening Certificate Holder


Ulrike Lentz's artistic focus is on the extended sound possibilities of the flute in the context of free improvisation as well as her own conceptions.


She worked as lecturer for specialized didactics and teaching practices of woodwind at the Kassel Music Academy (2014-2017), as a guest lecturer ( Workshop „Wind Experience” ) at the Mozarteum Salzburg, the University of Giessen and at the Flötenfestival in Mainz. She is teacher at "Exploratorim Berlin".


In her flute studio, Ulrike Lentz teaches mainly in the amateur music scene. Flute-thrilled people of all ages and levels of achievement are welcome in individual or partner classes.


She began her musical training at the Erlanger Musikinstitut in the flute class by Dieter Bihlmeier, which was later taken over by Hannah Feist. By Dieter Bihlmeier she came early in touch with new playing techniques and new forms of jazz.


After a pottery teaching at the school for ceramics in Landshut, she completed two music studies at the Wiesbaden Academy of Music (Cornelia Thorspecken, Elmar Baumann), graduating with SMP in 1997 and completing KA in 1999. In addition to studying, she was a student of Fred Peter ( Körperdispositionsarbeit für MusikerInnen ) and took lessons with Prof. Irena Grafenauer.  Ulrike Lentz took an active part in master classes with Aurèle Nicolet, Carin Levine, Robert Aitken and the Bozza Quartet, and was a guest- listener at Peter-Lukas Graf and Nikolaus Harnoncourt ( Historical Performance- Practice at the Salzburg Mozarteum) .


Courses and further education led her to Prof. Renate Peter (master's course: body dissection work for musicians), Matthias Schwabe (group improvisation), Klaus Holsten (Flute Vision), Prof. Ilse Middendorf ( „The Experienced Breath for Female Singer"), Wolfgang Strobel (music therapy) and Martina Testroet (Feldenkrais). She is currently taking part at an advanced training at Deep Listening Institute NY.


Organization and realization of concert series in Kassel since 2004. Foundation and 1. chairwomen of  „Ohrenkratzer e.V." 2009-2014 (with Martin Speicher). Curator of concertseries 1 to 5 of the „Forum Komposition" (with Regine Brunke, in cooperation with Kulturnetz Kassel e.V.) since 2014. Project management of "Begegnungen" 2015, 2016 and of the series „Concerts for Tomorrow - Saved Sounds" 2017 in the district of Kassel.

Presider of "Rhizom e.V. Verein zur Förderung ikünstlerischer Ausdrucksformen mit medienübergreifendem Charakter" since 2018.


Her concert activity brings Ulrike Lentz to musicians and musicians worldwide. 

She is performing in duo with the New York flautist Robert Dick, the trio Lentz-Vorfeld-Hammerschmidt,  in various projects with the accordionist Anja Kreysing and others.



Lentz playes/played with the following musicians: 

Chefa Alonso (Madrid, Schlagzeug, Saxophon), Wolfgang Schliemann (Wiesbaden, Schlagzeug), Erhart Hirt (Münster, Gitarre),Michael Vorfeld (Berlin, Percussion), Reinhart Hammerschmidt (Bremen, Kontrabass), Ove Volquartz (Göttingen, Klarinetten), Ursel Schlicht (New York, Kassel, Piano), Martin Speicher (Kassel, Saxophone, Klarinetten), Geraldine Keller (Frankreich, Stimme), Robert Dick (New York, Querflöte), Peter Geißelbrecht (Gießen, Piano), Matthias Schubert (Kassel, Tenorsaxophon), Hainer Wörmann (Bremen, Gitarre), Tanja Kalmanowich (Canada, Viola), Ute Völker (Wuppertal, Akkordeon), Gunda Gottschalk (Wuppertal, Violine), Frank Rühl (Gießen, E-Gitarre), Georg Wolf (Gießen, Kontrabass), Uli Phillipp (Wiesbaden, Kontrabass), Uli Böttcher (Wiesbaden, Electronik), Andreas Düker (Göttingen, Gitarren), Axel Schweppe (Köln, Klangobjekte), Joker Nieß (Köln, elektronische Instrumente), Axel Krämer (Schlagzeug), Vittorio Garis (Turin IT, Percussion), Mitch Heinrich (Wuppertal, Stimme), Reuben Radding (New York, Bass), Adam Simmons (Australien, Fujiara), Steffen Moddrow (Kassel, Schlagzeug), Riccardo Canessa (Genua, IT, Bass), Birgit Ulher (Hamburg, Trompete), Bruno Gussoni (Genua IT, Querflöte), Uli Sobotta (Bremen, Euphonium), Claudio Ferrari (Genua, IT, Sythesizer), Caroline Knöbl (Aschaffenburg, Tanz), Hans Tammen (New York, Endangered Guitar), Nina Polaschegg (Wien, Kontrabass), Angelika Sheridan (Köln, Querflöten), Eric Wong (Berlin, Gitarre), Korhan Erhel (Berlin, Laptop), Dirk Marwedel (Wiesbaden, erweitertes Saxophon), Lukas Lindenmeier + (Freiburg, Schlagzeug), Xu Feng Xia (Paderborn, Gudzengh), TonArt Ensemble (Hamburg), Ken Ikead (Tokio), Musica Camarata Brasselsberg (Kassel) and more.



In the following places / festivals / ranks: 

Documenta 12, Flötenfestival Musikhochschule München (DGfF)Line Festival for New Music (Lokhalle Göttingen)Jazzfestival in GöttingenMIBNIGHT Jazzfestival BremenOpening of the Kulturnetz KasselMuseumsnacht KasselFestival for improvised music Karlsruhe„Night of the nights" Christianskirche HHExploratorium Berlin „Improvisation International"Marburg Art SocietyCulture Rhineland-Palatinate Festival„Beautiful Listening" Wiesbaden Music Academy (ARTist)MIB anniversary in BremenThe Kassel Symposium Current Music (U. Schlicht)Sonic Exchange (U. Schlicht)Series „8 times Old Brother Church"Forum Komposition (Kassel)

Salon on Wednesday, Walkmühle WiesbadenDuplex Ride (Genoa IT)Castello di Moncrivello (IT)Imbarchino (Turin IT)Chameleon concerts (Kassel)LOFT music Kassel, studio Eugen Wolf, 

Christ Church KasselPeace Church KasselHessian State Parliament Wiesbaden E.g. 





LAG (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Improvisierte Musik Hessen), Ring for group improvisation, Tonkünstlerverband (DTKV), GEMA